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Dreaming of Port Louis

Mauritius is a smallish island in the Indian Ocean which is notoriously tricky to spell right first time. It’s not too far from the coast of Africa and just next door to Madagascar, the island which is now famous for being a cartoon. It’s a beautiful island, with lush inland vegetation belying its volcanic base, and spectacular coastlines – stretches of white sand beaches and lagoons of azure blue sea, created by a network of densely populated coral reef. Drive through the rural interior and you’ll discover mile upon mile of sugar plantations, once the biggest industry on the...

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Where Are The Best Minds of Our Generation?

Where are the best minds of OUR generation? Sitting alone in the dark on the edge of a world of electric glass and twittering proclamations. Where the words of the prophets are written on status walls and the sponsored post men and women hijack ideas for friendship and sharing; feeding us news on a constant loop of meaningless candour. Where judges sit with wavering thumbs to pass verdict, make fleeting media darlings on the whim of low-brow king-makers as our thoughtful masses park their brains and lower their weekend guards, too tired; lacking desire to give meaningful protest, reaching instead...

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Scenes From Westminster | Ready to Rumble.

Dateline: 04.03.15 Int. House of Commons – Day It’s Prime Minister’s Question Time and the house is abuzz with its usual mix of over-excitement and boisterous murmuring. Both sides of the House are packed to the rafters with those occupying the front bench adopting serious ‘game’ faces – some of them look across at their opposite number with a certain look that sits somewhere between scowl and smirk while others keep their eyes low in what they hope is a state of solemnity, leaning ever so slightly to one side (Tories to the right, Labour the left – natch!)...

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