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It’s all Pointless in the end

It's all Pointless in the End I watched Pointless on the TV this evening. It’s a gentle, easy to watch quiz show of the sort I’ve always rather liked. If you’re unaware of how the show works, the answers to the questions derive from surveys conducted from 100 people from the general public (a little like Family Fortunes), with the contestants challenged to find the least popular correct answer. Or even a correct answer that none of the 100 surveyed had come up with – hence the name Pointless. There are usually easy questions for those who wish to...

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A Few Words About Autumn

    I love this time of year   Yes, I am more than aware of the fact that loving the autumn for its vibrant colours and its fresh, slightly chilled air is veering dangerously close to the realms of writer’s cliché but, frankly I couldn’t give the cuss of three tinkers. I do love the changing colours of the trees, the swirl of golden leaves as they dance on icy blasts of wind, the way the sun’s rays glint off the damp roads and, perhaps, most of all, I love that autumn, despite being the final throes of...

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Will Someone Please Think of the Children…

My children came home from primary school today with letters in their bags that their respective teachers had handed out at the end of the day. They were official letters, not from the school but from Cardiff County Council, signed by the Chief Executive no less. The letter was an explanation of the changes in policy regarding approved absences from school, more specifically, regarding the Council’s decision to take away from headteachers the ability to allow, at their discretion, parents to take their children out of school for the purposes of family holiday, event or some other such similar occasion. The reason stated at the top of the letter was that it was a part of Cardiff Council’s drive for children in the city to ‘achieve success and realise their full potential.’ A fairly noble ambition I’d say and in no way a reaction to the also mentioned poor press about Cardiff schools having one of the lowest attendance records in Wales. I have something of a bee in my bonnet about this letter. Whatever the merits and debating points of the issue, the letter itself was condescending in tone, a letter written AT parents and not TO them, the council as headteachers, whilst we the parents, ignorant pupils who’ve been taking advantage of lax ground-rules and need to be brought back into line. Listen to us, it screams,...

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