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A Morning without Care in the Middle of Nowhere

I was the first to wake up most days, a fact that’s always filled me with an irrational and frankly pointless sense of pride. This was one of those mornings. It was difficult to know exactly what time it was, the clock on the TV across the room was blinking a helpless 00:00 as it had since we’d arrived the night before; and I’d given up wearing a watch some months earlier. I knew it was sometime in the morning by the shard of V-shaped sunlight that imprinted itself on the wall near the ceiling. Paddy and Sol were...

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The School Run | A Short Story

I heard the sirens in the night. I said this to Annabel Grainger’s mum later that morning, as we both stood outside what remained of the primary school. She was looking across the car park at the smouldering rubble of the old red brick building, noting the dismay that creased her face, as I struggled to remember her name. This was a regular problem; I had known and spoken to this woman for as long as our children had attended the school, but rarely were Christian names ever uttered and too many years had now passed to deem it...

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Dewi Sant and the Half-Day Holiday

It was the day that Dafydd Hughes got a crayon stuck up his nose. Nobody was quite sure how he’d done it, an act without witness; attention drawn only when Dafydd let out a cry of panic. Mild at first, swiftly moving through the emotive gears to something all the more alarming. A mix of fear and embarrassment propelled by the fuel of unsympathetic mirth from fellow pupils, and the ire of Mr Thomas.  A man rarely given to see the funny side of any situation. It was St David’s Day, 1983, standard 2, just after the register. We...

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Giving Silly a Bad Name

There was something reassuringly primal about the scenes in last night’s astonishing opening episode of Planet Earth 2. Aside from the fighting dragons and penguins doing back-flips from a volcano, there was the less-than-smooth first steps into the world taken by the oddly cute looking marine iguanas. Hatching from their shells, buried a few inches into the sand of a seemingly empty landscape, a baby iguana blinked in its new and strange environment. “Oh,” it (for this is a gender non-specific iguana) muttered, to nobody “What’s all this then?” Taking a few tentative steps away from their shell lair,...

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